Average Household Income Salary in Singapore 2010

The 2010 average household income salary survey by MOM indicated that the income is about S$8,100 per household, or S$2,500 per member of the household.

Household income from work is calculated by adding up the income of all the working members of the household. Income can be in the form of employment salary or business earnings.

Households are defined as households which are headed either by a Singapore citizen or permanent resident with at least one of the member working.

Average Monthly Household Income 2008 2009 2010
Singapore $
Average Income per Household 7,752 7,549 8,058
Average Income per Member of Household 2,382 2,326 2,500

MOM explained that the lowest 10% of resident employed households have fewer working persons on average, a higher proportion of persons working part-time and a higher proportion of elderly persons aged 65 years and over. However, as the data cover only income from work, households could have income from non-work sources.

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